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We provide and maintain an effective security outfit, unrivalled in standard and at a competitive price.

Our well trained and adequately equipped guard are imbued with the "Montgomery Philosophy", - of rendering professional Crime and Loss Prevention Services in consonant with our parent company's internationally acclaimed high professional standards and ethics.

We shall therefore be pleased if you would avail us the opportunity to serve you in order to manifest our innovative approach to security, which is based on quick response time thus reducing all sphere of loss and stress; your peace of mind is guaranteed.

"Modus Operandi"

We conduct preliminary survey of the premises to be guarded and proper suggestions and recommendations to our clients delight.

Our guards are trained to act quickly with precision and confidence in a courteous manner. Insurance We make bold to assert that our clients enjoy additional protection by an all risk insurance policy up to a maximum of Two Million Naira (N2,000,000.00) per location in case of proven negligence on our part resulting in any loss to property.

Furthermore, our guards are treated humanely and not just numbers hence are covered by a workmen's compensation insurance policy in the event of any injury sustained while on duty at our clients facility or premises, meaning that our clients are not culpable for any compensation claims.

They also enjoy adequate rewards and prompt payment of entitlements thereby enhancing their loyalty, efficiency, and productivity Ancilliary Security Services In addition to our core business of providing guard Security Services, Montgomery Security Services Limited equally offers the following additional security services viz:- · In-house training at client's request · Security orientation and training of client's existing security workforce. · Procurement, Installation, Maintenance and servicing of security apparatus, (Alarm, CCTV, Fire and Security equipment) Provision of ceremonial guards for social events. Our charges for these services are however negotiable.

We look forward to your early response and patronage. We understand everything about security and safety: The protection of life and property.

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