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For corporate clients who have need for bulk storage. The Special Underground Vaults comes with customized combination dial locks known only to the owner.

The Advantages: As a responsive private organization, we are alive to the needs and expectations of our clients. This service focus is reflected throughout our operation and the following come standard with our services:Insurance The Depository comes standard with free insurance for a maximum of N25,000 per box with an option of additional insurance cover.

Dual Keys All safe Deposit boxes come standard with the DUAL KEY SECURITY LOCKS Complete Confidentiality and Secrecy Clients can drive into our encased premises, where no one can see their vehicles.

Computerized Entrance into Vault Clients are admitted into the premises either through their computer-aided PIN or their ID cards 24 hours Surveillance Provided by world acclaimed Alarm Systems. Convenient Access Opens 7am - 7pm, on Monday through Friday, and 7am - 12 noon on saturdays. Multiple Accessibility Joint depositors could have access to the same deposit box/safe.

Each one uses his or her own PIN.